Who Uses

Who Uses TVinacard?

The Automotive Industry

Providing video direct mail for new product launches, video invitations for key events, in-showroom POS for sales, and aftersales care, TVinacard has become a trusted partner to many of the world’s largest car companies.

Financial Services Industry

From internal communication campaigns, pitch documents, induction packs, and A4 conference packs, we have created a wide range of innovative solutions for the financial services industry. In an industry where trust and personalisation are so important, video brochures are a great solution.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Video brochures have become an essential sales tool for the entertainment industry, showcasing new shows and events in a way that gets noticed. Our brochures have also been used for major fashion label launches and events.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our pharmaceutical video brochures and medical video cards provide instant access to high-quality video aids, for both medical professionals and patients. With interchangeable videos, companies are able to address the specific needs of each individual simply by uploading relevant and tailored video content to a single video brochure.

Retail and FMCG

We work with retail brands to create video point of sales solutions as well as using video mailers for event invitations and communications with key influencers and journalists for new product or service launches.

We’ve also introduced battery-powered highly portable point-of-sale units and countertop displays for major retailers.

Technology and Telecommunications

When your products and services can be seen as daunting and complicated, technology-driven organisations have found video brochures to be a great way to deliver content, simply and directly. From instruction manuals, product launches, and event invitations, video brochures have been used for a wide range of applications.