The Power of Video Marketing

Written by Mary-Clare Tomes

Mary-Clare Tomes is the founder of TVinaCard South Africa. She has an in-depth knowledge of video brochure technology and can offer great advice and guidance on how to integrate video brochures into your campaigns.

February 10, 2020

A Powerful way to Reach Customers


The power of video marketing is well proven … 59% of senior executives would prefer to watch a video than read text. (Wordstream) The information retained in one minute of video being equal to around 1.8 million written words. (Brainshark) Video is clearly a very powerful way to reach customers.


Cutting through the Clutter


The challenge, however is to be able to cut through the clutter of the internet so that your message reaches people in the right frame of mind and without distractions. By combining the power of video with a bespoke printed brochure embedded with an HD video screen, we enable brands to communicate directly with customers so that their message will be seen, heard and remembered.

Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson has been using video brochures regularly for many years.  Virgin Galactic being the latest in the long line of prestigious brands that combine the power of video with the power of print.  A 7-inch HD screen A4 TVinaCard video brochure, (view our product range) that included a personalised video message from Richard Branson, was the booking confirmation pack sent to all ‘future astronauts’ booked on Virgin Galactic.

FTSE top 100 companies

TV in a Card Video Brochures are now used in almost every market sector –  including finance, FMCG, retail, industrial, IT, pharmaceuticals, education, travel and tourism to name a few.  Over half of the FTSE top 100 companies use TV in a Card video brochures as part of their marketing strategy. With the latest HD screens starting at just 3 inches, we have a solution for every budget, from video business cards to 10-inch coffee table books and everything in between.


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