Selling Private Schools, bringing the school prospectus to life

Written by Mary-Clare Tomes

Mary-Clare Tomes is the founder of TVinaCard South Africa. She has an in-depth knowledge of video brochure technology and can offer great advice and guidance on how to integrate video brochures into your campaigns.

January 27, 2020

Creating a school prospectus that captures the true essence of the school

When St Edwards, a top notch private school in Oxford, UK wanted to reach future pupils and parents, they created Teddies TV to showcase their depth of talent and unique appeal.  In this process they created a school prospectus with a difference.

Authentic Video Content

Seven videos captured life at the school through the eyes of the pupils.  The videos gave a unique insight to life at the school that gave future parent and pupils a real understanding of the culture of the school.  Creating the content was rewarding for both students and teachers, with valuable skills learned.

The danger was that the content would be lost in a sea of on-line clutter and never seen.

Great Functionality

TVinaCard helped guide the St Edwards’ team to design the video prospectus so that each viewer could choose what they wanted to watch instantly and share the experience with other family members.Tvinacard Video Brochures

Through clever use of push to play icons the overall impression matched the vibrant environment the school is renowned for. (here is a link to how to create your own video brochure)

The specifications and the functionality of the brochure was designed around the video content and the target audience of the prospectus.


Making the Right Decision

Using TVinaCard, St Edwards were able to target the right people and deliver an exciting proposition.


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