With a world with an insatiable appetite for video content* … it makes sense to make video an integral part of your marketing mix.

What doesn’t make sense, is placing this content in a cluttered environment. Therefore we are all searching for a way to ensure our video marketing is targeted and our story lands in the right place at the right time. Perhaps it’s time to think about One-casting?

The Shift towards Personalisation

Futurist John Naisbitt published a ground-breaking book Megatrends back in 1982 with predictions for our future. Naisbitt saw a future where people would demand greater flexibility and choice. General hospitals being replaced with smaller niche clinics, department stores evolving into niche boutiques. Television stations would move from broadcasting to narrowcasting.


You-tube and other online video sharing platforms certainly reflect the concept of narrowcasting. However, in a world that now demands hyper-personalisation, there are times that even narrowcasting, isn’t narrow enough.


Video brochures place video content directly into the hands of niche audiences, We like to call this ‘One-casting‘ and it’s a trend that is growing.Tvinacard Brochures

With One-casting, there’s no clutter, no digital distractions, no competition.

Naisbitt predicted that in a hi-tech world, people would require a commensurate amount of high-touch. With the look and feel of a classic print brochure, combined with the technology of an ultra-thin video player, you now have the power of One-casting … telling your story to a willing listener.

TVinacard is now the world’s leading supplier of high definition (HD) video brochures, video books and video folders, designed to capture and hold the attention, of one person at a time.

*(interesting insight from Forbes magazine on the consumption of video) … Click HERE.