Looking at the resilience of event organisers.

With over 65% of our sales linked to corporate events; we expected the worst when the impact of COVID 19 hit South Africa.

However, despite the lockdown, the number of orders and enquiries has continued to grow.

A large financial services companies recently asked us for our view of how the events industry was adapting to COVID 19, so we took a deeper look. Here are our observations.

#1: Speed of response

Despite the enormity of the challenge, the focus was immediately on what could be done for clients rather than what could no longer be done. We have received a significant increase in the number of enquiries and requests for samples immediately after the lockdown was announced.

#2: Client relationships

New strategies were created and implemented within very short time frames, which can only be achieved when there is a high level of trust and understanding between both parties. The modus operandi was one of partnership and jointly looking for solutions.

#3 Creativity

The temptation could have been to focus on a one size fits all approach – online events. However, events companies have created a variety of solutions, from personalised video messages, webinars, video brochures, and re-edited video material from previous events. Having participated in webinars hosted by some of the largest international brands, our homegrown solutions are highly professional and deliver real value to clients. To spark ideas we created a short video on using video brochures as an alternative to online events.

#4 Supplier relations

Events companies have always excelled at developing strong and diverse supplier relationships. This has proved to be essential when crafting new and creative solutions.

#5 The bigger picture

Probably the most significant observation is that events companies know their purpose. They are not in the business of creating and staging events, they are actually in the business of connecting their client’s stories with their audience. Knowing what business they were in, allowed them to quickly adapt to the new environment and offer relevant solutions.

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