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Explainer videos

watch our video brochures in action

How do video brochures work?

Watch a series of short videos, with answers to frequently asked questions and ideas for harnessing the full potential of this unique communication tool. For product launches, residential property sales and selling to high-net-worth individuals and many other innovative applications, video brochures have become a vital tool for many top-performing marketing teams.

Frequently asked questions.

This video takes you through how our video brochures work and answers frequently asked questions.

  • how to load new video content
  • the battery life and options
  • the compatible video formats
  • the different options for memory size
  • adding a slideshow
  • creating the artwork and design
  • the minimum order quantity and lead times

Turning proposals and pitches into compelling presentations.

If you are up against stiff competition when you pitch to win business, how do you make your proposal stand out?

Fresh event ideas for the new normal

The challenge: with more and more companies moving events online, this space is fast becoming over-crowded … especially when you consider that conference calls, and online meetings also compete for people’s online time and attention.

The solution: Put your event directly into the hands of your audience … watch the video to find out more.

Residential Property Sales

The challenge: to differentiate one real estate business from another in a highly competitive market.

The solution: Watch how video brochures were used to both secure new listings and to promote individual properties by delivering video content directly into the hands of customers in an uncluttered environment.

How do you sell a handsome buffalo?

Challenge: Attract the right people to bid for a best of breed buffalo at an exclusive ‘game auction’.

Solution: Package the story of the buffalo’s pedigree in a video brochure, hand delivered to every potential buyer. The video tells the full story.