Direct Marketing: An example of getting it right!

Written by Mary-Clare Tomes

Mary-Clare Tomes is the founder of TVinaCard South Africa. She has an in-depth knowledge of video brochure technology and can offer great advice and guidance on how to integrate video brochures into your campaigns.

February 17, 2020

The Challenge

Direct marketing campaigns are not always top of mind these days but when Boehringer Ingelheim wanted to reach vets in the UK with news of a groundbreaking new treatment for heart disease, they faced a challenge.  With a target audience that are notoriously busy, rarely, they could not rely on a purely digital campaign and their sales team knew they were not going to be able secure  enough time with the vet to explain the new treatment comprehensively.

Creating Great Content

The first step they took was to create two high quality videos, one designed for the vet  and the other designed for pet owners.

The Package

Packaged in a branded box with prepaid postage incorporated into the design, Boehringer were able to mail targeted veterinary clinics, across the United Kingdom.

When vets opened the box they discovered an A5 high gloss video brochure, with a built in 5-inch HD screen.


With an auto-play function and select video buttons, a heart-warming story was told of a new treatment that would prolong the lives of man’s best friend.


This was a mailing that few could ignore. Vets appreciated being updated on an important new treatment, and many used the video brochure to help dog owners understand the options that were now available, to treat their pets.


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