Happy Customers

It’s often said that the best salesperson is a happy customer, however, there is a way to get prospective customers to sell for you too. A great way to increase sales without increasing the salary bill.

Selling a Premium Brand

Consider for a moment the challenge of selling a premium price motor vehicle.

A prospective client arrives at a showroom, requests a test drive, and typically leaves to think it over, usually with a comprehensive brochure in his or her hand.

This calibre of client naturally expects the brochure to feel as expensive as the vehicle itself. The design and print quality would typically be on a par with a Fortune 500 company annual report.

Making Brochures Work Harder

Understandably, car firms are constantly exploring new ways to make brochures work harder, to close more sales.

Many of the leading car manufacturers now create video brochures, in preference to traditional ‘print only’ brochures. They have experienced many surprising results.

Creating Emotion

Firstly, a video brochure is able to recreate the same type of emotion experienced whilst driving the vehicle, much more so than words and pictures in a static brochure. The client is literally back in the driving seat, with an enhanced sense of what it’s going to feel like if they own the vehicle.Bentley Video Brochure

The Perfect Pitch

Secondly, regardless of how well trained the salesperson at the showroom is, the video brochure voice-over and information on screen, deliver a perfect sales pitch every time. And best of all, the client takes this ‘on-screen’ salesperson home and watches again!

The Ideal Referral

However one of the surprises, our car clients didn’t anticipate, has been the number of different viewers of each video brochure. They had found in the past that prospective clients would rarely pass on a traditional print brochure to friends or colleagues. A purchase at this level is generally a fairly private matter.

However, with the unique appeal of a video brochure, many prospective clients feel excited about sharing their experience and letting others watch too.

Several video brochures have been tracked and found to have been in the hands of five to six senior executives, across several different firms!

Increasing sales using top-level executives … none of whom were on the payroll!