So how do you sell a best-of-breed Buffalo?

When selling a buffalo to high-net-worth individuals, there are three simple steps to follow …

Step One – Find the Right Buffalo … Inala the Buffalo has a horn span of 1.3 metres which is one of the largest in the country … and in the Buffalo business size really does matter. ‘Inala’ is also disease-free and has a perfect set of genes. The three magic ingredients for the perfect buffalo

Step Two – Get Your Buffalo to Pose for the Camera …Fab Media is a young and dynamic agency that organized and staged the successful auction of ‘Inala’. CEO Frances Moor hails from the fashion industry and has now become the ‘go-to’ agency for South Africa’s game auction houses. Frances has now swopped the catwalk to flying around in helicopters to remote game farms all over South Africa getting buffalos to smile.

Step Three – Put your Buffalo on an HD Screen – TVinacard created a bespoke brochure for ‘Inala’. A 7-inch screen hardcover brochure was distributed to 50 potential buyers. Inala Buffalo Video BrochreImagine … if you are in the market for a best-of-breed buffalo, you are not going to tramp your way through YouTube or even plug in a flash stick. However, if a beautifully designed video brochure arrives on your desk, that you simply have to open and watch, they have your attention!

So whether you are selling a buffalo or any other luxury item and you would like a best-of-breed video production in a brochure specifically designed for you, please call us on 085 3000 295