“Richard, you must come and visit our brewery some time!”

Event Invitations

Getting people to respond to event invitations can be a major challenge, so when a leading beer brand wanted their top customers to take an invitation to visit their brewery seriously, they decided to create a video brochure invite with a personalised message to each customer. This involved the CEO recording over 30 personal video messages!

Off-line and Personal

From experience they knew that simply loading their invitation videos on to an online platform, wouldn’t guarantee that their customers would click the link, to watch their personalised video. Online just wasn’t personal enough! They had tried delivering branded flash stick, but again the percentage of people that actually opened the video file was very low.

We were commissioned to create a customised video brochure as the event invitation, and then load each video with a personalised video invitation from the CEO.Bavaria Beer video brochure

Delivering Impact

From brief to final production of the event invitation took just 20 days. (see the stages of production here) We were very careful to check every invitation to ensure the right video was loaded on to the right brochure.

Delivered directly into the hands of each of their customers, the impact was superb … especially as the Brewery CEO extended an invitation that opened with the words “Richard, we’d like you to come and visit our brewery!” Each invitee felt appreciated and recognised.

The client was delighted with the response rate and has now added video brochures into their essential marketing tool kit. Creating event invitations that spark a response! The team also found that the invitations were still on people’s desks, many months later. It was an invite that kept on delivering results.

A great example of combining the power of video, the power of print and the importance of personalisation.

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