Campaign Planning – Five Simple Principles to Consider

Written by Mary-Clare Tomes

Mary-Clare Tomes is the founder of TVinaCard South Africa. She has an in-depth knowledge of video brochure technology and can offer great advice and guidance on how to integrate video brochures into your campaigns.

March 9, 2020

Campaign Planning – Five Simple Principles to Consider for Your Next Initiative

We are lucky to work with some very creative clients who we learn from every day!

Recently, a client embarked on an ambitious new branding initiative that really delivered results:

  • Staff quickly engaged and identified with the new brand
  • The switch-over was seamless, with no pockets of the business being left behind
  • The campaign created a new energy in the organisation

We reflected what contributed to the success, the following principles stood out for us.

1. Advanced Planning

An obvious one, but so often campaign timelines become compromised, deadlines are missed, extra costs creep in and great ideas have to be shelved because there just isn’t time.  This campaign was planned well in advance with clear non-negotiable deadlines in place.

2. Focussed Approach

There is always a temptation to include a number of issues that are on senior management’s priority list, but by keeping the focus solely on the new brand, there were no mixed or confusing messages.

3. Staff First

Internal communications was the initial priority.  By getting the internal teams excited and involved with the new brand, executing the external campaign could build on a solid platform.

4. Keeping it Visual

The key messages were delivered through a great video.  Delivering content via video, builds trust, ignites emotions and avoids misinterpretation. A recent article in Bizcommunity provides an interesting insight into the power of video content.

5. Delivering the Message in the Right Environment

Delivering the message is the last step in the process, and relying solely on email, intranet sites, and mobile messaging can mean it gets swamped and lost in the clutter of everyday communications. Barloworld Video BrochureVideo brochures were seen as part of the solution. Each individual could simply open the brochure to watch and absorb the message where and when it suited them with no pop up ads to distract them.   The video brochures distributed to staff were then collected after the campaign and have been reloaded with content to be used for future new staff inductions.


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