Over the past three years we have helped hundreds of clients to implement a hand-to-hand communication strategy using TVinaCard Video brochures.

Tvinacard BrochuresVideo brochures look like a classic high-end brochure, but once opened, the client experiences the surprise of an ultra thin HD video screen embedded in the brochure, which, plays automatically.

FMCG video brochureSo why do we believe hand-to-hand communications is so effective?


Tvinacard Video BrochuresTargeting With digital promotions, there is always the temptation to ‘splash and dash’. Cost effective maybe? High risk definitely, especially with the introduction of GDPR.

Hand-to-hand communication, using video brochures requires careful targeting to get your promotional campaign into the right hands in an uncluttered environment. A great discipline to instil in any campaign.

Tvinacard Video BrochuresHyper-personalisation

 This expression gets used frequently in the digital world, but just how personalised can digital be? When was the last time you received a hand written thank you letter – that’s certainly hyper personal.  One of our clients, asked us to create a bespoke video brochure with a customised video for every recipient, with a personal invitation to an event!

Tvinacard Video BrochuresHolding attention

 Website statistics demonstrate how quickly people will click away from a page, perhaps even by-pass video material.

Hand a video brochure to someone and watch what happens. The level of intrigue to open the video brochure is huge and from experience, the minute the video starts playing, people watch from beginning to end.

We have found that video brochures get handed around and the viewership per brochure is often in double figures.

Tvinacard Video BrochuresEarning the right to tell your story

There have been some great innovations in the corporate gift world, however the challenge is to find something that is appropriate for your brand, and does not contravene any policies in terms of receiving gifts.

We have found that video brochures have the prestige of feeling like a gift, but packed with video content that adds genuine value and gives you a legitimate platform to tell your story. Best of all, they rarely get thrown away, so the shelf life of your campaign, is on-going.