When you’ve got a success story to tell, what better way than a personal video player?

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When St Edwards, a top notch private school in Oxford, UK wanted to reach future pupils and parents, they created Teddies TV to showcase their depth of talent and unique appeal.
Tvinacard Video Brochures

Seven videos captured life at the school through the eyes of the pupils, and TVinaCard was commissioned to create a video brochure, that would enable each viewer to choose what they wanted to watch instantly and share the experience with other family members.Through clever use of push to play icons the overall impression matched the vibrant environment the school is renowned for.

Tvinacard Video Brochures
Without TVinaCard, Teddies TV video might have been lost in the multitude of videos online or unplayed on a memory stick gathering dust.

Using TVinaCard, St Edwards were able to target the right people and deliver an exciting proposition.