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TVinacard video brochures

Video brochures are the perfect combination of a classic print brochure combined with the technology of an ultra-thin video player … creating a powerful way to tell your story to a willing listener.

As you open the cover, the video screen automatically begins to play … and you’re hooked!

So instead of asking your customers to watch your video with all the other distractions online, you can place your content directly into their hands, in a beautifully designed video brochure, that grabs and holds their attention.

If your product or service is exclusive, tailored, unique or niche, perhaps you need a better way to target your customers?

Bentley did! …

When promo or training material needs to be watched in any location at any time, perhaps you need an offline solution?

Nando’s did! …

If you need to build on the success of your online campaign to catch bigger fish, perhaps you need to use a different bait?

HP did! …